Support for CEG Events

AACEG ensures that it participates actively in the activities and events of the college. There are many cultural events, technical workshops, and other club-related activities that take place every year. AACEG supports these events financially and helps the event organizers to provide guest rooms for the guests and the speakers invited for the event.

Every year, AACEG contributes a sum of money for the fests and events conducted by the students in the college. For some events, the association bears the expenses of the costs of decoration, posters and banners to be displayed around the college. Also, the halls in the Alumni Centre are also provided for the student organizers to conduct the events for the cultural fest.

The association donates money to organize mega-technical fests like Kurukshetra, workshops etc. It also contributes to the donation given to organize cultural events like Techofes, Sangarsh (Rotaract Club), etc. This year, 2017, the association contributed to the Marathon – Halo Wings” organized by the NCC Navy students. The SAE Club organizes “CEG Motorsports” and AACEG donates money to organize this event every year as well.

The association also contributes to the clubs of the college by providing manpower to organize the events, (i.e.) the office team of the association help the members of the club to organize cultural fests and events.

FY 2013 – 2014

Club NameAmount
Donation for sports Travelling Expenses ₹12,000
Needy Scholarship ₹ 15,000
Total ₹ 27,000

FY 2014 – 2015

Club NameAmount
Participate Chess tournament (Abroad) ₹ 10,000
Kurukshetra 2015 ₹ 30,000
CEG Tech Forum ₹ 30,000
Rotary Club of CEG ₹ 20,000
Needy Scholarship ₹ 30,000
Total ₹ 1,20,000

FY 2015 – 2016

Club NameAmount
Kurukshetra 2016 ₹ 30,000
CEG Tech Forum ₹ 30,000
Rotary Club of CEG ₹ 20,000
CEG Motor Sports ₹ 25,000
Donation for flood relief (CEG flood relief) ₹ 55,000
Needy Scholarship ₹ 40,000
Vaccination of dog in CEG Campus ₹ 20,000
Total ₹ 2,20,000

FY 2016 – 2017

Club NameAmount
Kurukshetra 2017 ₹ 30,000
CEG Tech Forum ₹ 30,000
Rotary Club of CEG ₹ 20,000
NCC Navy - Marathon ₹ 15,000
Tamizh Mandram ₹ 10,000
Total ₹ 1,05,000