Regional Chapters

  • College of Engineering, Guindy Alumni Association of North America (CEGAANA) is a Registered Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Organization established in 2014 in Silicon Valley to bring the alums together who can interact, discuss and find ways to give back to the college. The organization also aims to foster collaboration between alums and the Alma Mater to find ways to help students and the college.
    The specific purpose of CEGAANA is to

    • (1) Build a community to connect and foster collaboration with CEG Alumni Professionals
    • (2) Create awareness of CEG brand
    • (3) Contribute to the growth of the institution
    • (4) Establish MOU with Universities
    • (5) Funding to explore new frontiers in engineering and technology
    • (6) Facilitate bringing industry research projects to CEG staff & students

    Current Board Members of CEGAANA

    • Senthil Manimaran, Chairman, 1990, Mechanical Engineering 
    • Shyamala Soundari, Vice-Chairman2008, Manufacturing Engineering
    • Chennapan Padmanaban,  Secretary, 1984,  Mechanical Engineering
    • Sudhahar Thiagarajan, Joint Secretary, 1993 Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • Navin Prasad, Director of Finance, Treasurer, 2009, Mechanical Engineering
    • Shantha Mohan, Director of Entrepreneurship, 1971, Electronics and Communication Engineering
    • Aarthee Janardhana Dass, Director of Events, 2008, Electronics and Communication Engineering
    • Jayashree Thakur, Director of Marketing and Communications, 1991, Master of Computer
    • Vaishnav Davey, Director of Memberships, 2014, Manufacturing Engineering

    2014-2016 Board Members of CEGAANA

    • 1. Raj Nathan, Chairman, 1975 Mechanical
    • 2. Kribakaran Narasimhan, Vice-Chairman, 1983 Mechanical
    • 3. T Sridhar, Secretary, 1984 (Dec) ECE
    • 4. Karthik Siva, Joint Secretary, 1995 ECE
    • 5. Janaki Akella, Director of Marketing and Branding, 1982, Electrical Engineering
    • 6. Navin Prasad, Director of Finance, Treasurer, 2009, Mechanical Engineering
    • 7. Shyamala Soundari, Director of Events, 2008, Manufacturing
    • 8. Senthil Manimaran, Director of Membership, 1990, Mechanical Engineering

    Committee Chairs

    Ranjitha Ragu, Conference Committee
    Bio: 2013 Computer Science, Student at UC Berkeley
    Responsibilities: Annual Conference Planning
    Dev Ganesh, Events Committee
    Bio: 2005 Mechanical, Data Scientist at Texture, Menlo Park
    Responsibilities: Events Organization
    Nithin Sridhar, Entertainment Committee
    Bio: 2010 Mechanical, Supply Chain Manager at Zero Motorcycles, Scotts Valley
    Responsibilities: Entertainment Activities

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  • College of Engineering, Guindy Alumni Association of Bangalore (CEGAAB) was established on
    May 1st, 2015. It was established as a platform where the alumni can help and supplement all the
    events of AACEG. It is the first official regional chapter of AACEG in India. Till date, there are
    around 50 to 60 members, and the membership and registration is still on progress. The elections
    of office bearers is based on nominations.

    Usually, meets are conducted on a quarterly basis in different zones of Bangalore (North, South,
    East, West) so that all the members participate and attend the meet. Annual meet is also conducted
    where all the members gather along with their families. The members also make sure that they
    arrange and go for a tour together along with all their families.

    On Jan 22nd, 2017, the association conducted CEGAAB Mega Meet, where all the members of
    CEGAAB gathered along with their families. Sport activities and cultural events were conducted
    for entertainment.


    • 1. To help and supplement all the events of AACEG from Bangalore.
    • 2. Networking of alumni in and around Bangalore.
    • 3. Giving back to the Institution, by guiding and helping the students of the college.
    • 4. Giving back to the society and state

    The office bearers of CEGAAB are listed below:

    DesignationNameEmail Id
    Vice ChairmanEr.R. J.
    Vice Chairman (Lady)Er.V. Jayanthimala
    Joint Secretary (Membership Drive)Er. Sai Subramani
    Joint Secretary (Media Relations)Er.
    Joint Secretary (Social Projects)Er. Rajesh Navaneetham
    Joint Secretary (Corporate Relations)Er. T. A. Padmanabhan
    TreasurerEr. Kalyan Raman