Prof .W.P. Vijayaraghavan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Prof.W.P. Vijayaraghavan was the former Principal of College of Engineering – Guindy from 1971 till 1986, the only principal who had served for a  period of 16 Years. He was a role model for simplicity, calmness, clarity and leadership. He encouraged students in their activities, was very friendly and liked by one and all. He passed away on 8th July 2020 at the age of 94 yrs.

It’s a great pride for all our alumni to honour him by creating an endowment in his name, “Prof W.P.V Memorial Scholarship Fund” to support needy students of College of Engineering, Guindy.

A Noble service will be rendered, if we can collect a substantial amount and provide scholarships to as many students of CEG as possible. Donations are exempted under 80 G clause of Income tax.

Instructions for Remittance

1.0 Kindly follow these steps for Bank Remittance.

Step1 – Use following details for Remittance to bank through “NEFT”

a. Name of the Beneficiary: Alumni Association, CEG

b. Bank Name: Canara BANK

c. Branch Details : AU Campus, Chennai- 600025

d. Account No. :8456101100109

e. Account Type : Savings

f.  IFSC Code: CNRB0008456

g. Specify in Purpose/Remarks/Instructions as
“Prof.W.P.V.Memorial Scholarship.”

STEP2 – Communicate to  AACEG with the following  details:

a. Communicate with AACEG using this Emailid: &

b. Donation Amount & Acknowledgement from bank as attachment.

c. Date of remittance.

d. Name of the Donor

e. Year of graduation- CEG (Only for CEG Alumni)

f. Donor Email-id

g. Donor Mobile no

h. Donor residential address

i. Request for Acknowledgement & 80 G forms

2.0 Personal Remittance

a. Name of the beneficiary: Alumni Association, CEG

b. Handover the crossed Donation cheque to AACEG office.

c. Collect the receipt for payment which can be used for claiming 80G

d. On the reverse side of the cheque, Specify:

            “Prof.W.P.V Memorial Scholarship.”


            Email address & Mobile no