AACEG History

Alumni Association College of Engineering Guindy
AACEG is to function and support the college to uplift the students by giving them an exposure to the outside technological developments and make them more employable in the developed technology.

To bring all old Students, who studied at College of Engineering, Guindy , under one forum for exchange of Knowledge, Skill and Experience amongst themselves and to disseminate them to the students of the College of Engineering and to strive for advancement of scientific knowledge for the benefit of the Community and Country.


  • i. To bring the old students of CEG under one forum for exchange of their experience, knowledge amongst its members and the students of the institution.
  • ii. To conduct seminars of engineers for the exchange of knowledge among students, faculty, members of the Association and the society at large.
  • iii. To represent and participate in seminars and conferences conducted by various other institutions and establishments.
  • iv. To seek recognition in various forums of State and Central Government QuasiGovernmental Organizations, Private and other Autonomous Bodies, as it would contribute to the furtherance of the objectives of the Association.
  • v. To advise and interact with State and Central Government Bodies, Universities, and Associations of Engineering Industry on matters relating to technical education and Engineering Professions in all sectors.
  • vi. To create and establish endowments for granting scholarships and prizes to the students of the College of Engineering, Guindy with a view to promote and encourage talent.
  • vii. To conduct / sponsor Career Guidance Programme for students to succeed in Interviews through employability skills soft skills training.
  • viii. To help students by partly funding for lecturers, projects, to be presented overseas as recommended and funded also by the college.
  • ix. To help financially poor students for purchase of disabled devices of the College.
  • x. To create new avenues for interaction of students, faculty and industry to encourage the development of employability skills through Industrial visits and to identify Industry specific projects and prototype developments.
  • xi. To assist the students by partly funding presentation of papers or projects overseas as recommended and funded by the College.
  • xii. To raise or collect funds by subscriptions, contributions, donations, endowments, loans or by other legal means for the furtherance of the above objectives of the Association and for the institutions managed by the Association.
  • xiii. To apply the funds in whole or any part or parts of the funds for public charitable purposes including:
    • a) Relief for the poor,
    • b) Advancement of education,
    • c) Medical relief and benefits whereof are not restricted to any class or community
      or gender.
  • xiv. To encourage the formation of Regional Chapters inside and outside India for ensuring
    wide participation of our Alumni.


B. A., B.E., M.I.E., (IND),
1925 – 1936

The Alumni Association of the College of Engineering Guindy was formed in the year1925 with Rao Bahadur, G. Nagaratnam Ayyar, a distinguished Alumnus and the first Indian principal of the college. He initiated the formation of Old Boys Association of the students leaving the College of Engineering Guindy. He was the Founder President and Secretary of the Association and remained so for the next eleven years till his retirement. A convention was then established in 1936 that the Chief Engineer of PWD would be the President of the Association and the Principal of the College would be the Secretary.

The first set of Memorandum of Association, Bye-Laws and Rules & Regulations were framed in 1959 and the Association was registered under Societies Act XXI (1860) on August 20. The name of the Association was changed in the year 1985 to “Alumni Association of the College of Engineering Guindy”, since it was felt that the name, Old Boys Association did not reflect the actual reality as the number of women engineers was growing significant in the membership of the Association. The Bye-Laws were also amended. The new name was registered on October 10 1985 under the Tamil Nadu Societies Act XXVII (1975).

Initially the Association was functioning in a portion of the main building of the College. The increase in membership was very high in the later half of the eighties. There were generous donations from Alumni. A formal proposal for a separate building was presented in 1989. The University administration was extremely helpful and gave its consent. The building was completed and was formally inaugurated on August 30, 1991. It was named as Alumni Centre.
AACEG, one of the Oldest Alumni Association of the country and having members over 25000 from all over the Globe, is involved in several activities like, CAREER GUIDANCE PROGRAMs for CEG students, INCUBATION facilitation for promoting Entrepreneurship , Supporting the Students activities in CEG, Periodic Endowment Memorial Lectures, Public Awareness programs, Arranging financial aids to needy &deserving students, Recognizing and awarding the highly performing students in various fields in addition to academics, helping people at large during national calamities etc. Programmes for Tamil Mandram and Cultural programmes for Part time BE students are organized. Publication of Monthly News letters is circulated to all the members detailing all the activities of AACEG.

AACEG is in the process of opening their Regional Chapters both in India and abroad. While North America and Bangalore Chapters are already in force, AACEG will soon open new chapters in other parts of the country/globe to extend and expand its activities in giving back to college, society and thus to the Nation. Awarding Distinguished Alumni Awards every year to the Alumni who have a highly distinguished professional career.

AACEG has taken further steps to expand its activities. New web site is launched to create effective awareness on various social, cultural, academic, employment, entrepreneurship, welfare and similar other activities of AACEG in the interest of present students and improving the standards of CEG. The website is also more helpful for the ongoing functioning of the AACEG, to speed up and monitor for improved and better performance. Gate academy is started this year to coach the Students for Gate Exams. Sports Meet for the Alumni, their families and children was conducted this year and this will be a continuing feature every year from now onwards.
Functions Celebrated

  1. Alumni Day
  2. Genesis Day
  3. Teachers Day
  4. Alumni Sports Day
  5. Ponmaalai Pozhudhu
  6. Saptham

Events Conducted

  1. Monthly EC meeting
  2. Annual General body meeting
  3. Various sub- committee meetings
  4. Career Guidance Programme