Mentorship & Guidance

AACEG’s initiatives always aim towards the welfare and interests of the students, which in turn leads to the development of our institution. The association has never failed to satisfy the students in this case. They are ready to help any student and at any given point of time, by providing guidance and sharing contacts of alumni to them, so that they can get the resource that they need from them.  The alumni willingly help the students of the college, which is their purpose of joining the association.

One of the many ways in which the members of AACEG are helping the students is by providing mentorship and guidance. The students, who want to get counseled and advised, can approach the alumni to get guidance and clarity about pursuing their further studies. Additionally, if the alumnus is a recent passed-out, they help the students by sharing their study materials and giving them tips to clear the semester exams and other competitive exams like GRE, TOEFL, GATE, UPSC etc.

Getting a mentor, by whom one can get counseled and guided by, is the wonderful boon of life. He/she can hope that the mentor will guide and provide the way to the solution.
AACEG’s initiatives always aim towards the bonding of the alumni with the students, where both are benefitted.   

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