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AACEG is involved in several activities like, Career Guidance Programs for CEG students, Incubation facilitation for promoting Entrepreneurship, supporting the Students activities in CEG, Periodic Memorial Lectures, Public Awareness programs, arranging financial AIDs to needy & deserving students, recognizing and awarding the best performing students in various fields in addition to academics, helping people at large during national calamities etc.

AACEG has established an initiative for alumni who wish to lead a new project for the association to impact the lives of the students and faculty of CEG. The project is usually directly linked with the development of the association or the institution. It could be a project about anything related to the college – from developing a needy student scholarship fund for the association, Endowment Lectures, Endowment Funds for Scholarship Lecture , prizes, Placement for Apprenticeships, to renovating a specific building of CEG or funding a endowment for funding research projects.

The aim of this initiative is to provide each registered member of the alumni to organize an initiative for the students of CEG or faculty. By taking up this initiative, the alumni get to learn many things and in course acquire a lot of professional contacts. They also get a sense of pride and satisfaction that they have contributed something for the development of their college.

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