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AACEG is involved in several activities like, Career Guidance Programs for CEG students, Incubation facilitation for promoting Entrepreneurship, supporting the Students activities in CEG, Periodic Memorial Lectures, Public Awareness programs, arranging financial AIDs to needy & deserving students, recognizing and awarding the best performing students in various fields in addition to academics, helping people at large during national calamities etc.

To scale up their activities, AACEG is in the process of opening their Regional Chapters. While North America and Bangalore Chapters are already in force (click here for more info), AACEG wants to open new chapters in other parts of the country/globe to expand their activities in giving back to college, society and thus to the Nation.

One of the latest initiatives of AACEG is to encourage the alumni members of the association to lead a chapter in the state or the country they live in. This initiative leads to a get-together of many alumni members of our college in an area, where they can coordinate and, keep themselves updated and participate in the programmes organized by AACEG the chapter.

The main purpose of this initiative to enable Registered Members to take a lead in Chapter Formation of AACEG and mutually participate in programs organized by chapters or parent body.

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