Institute an Endowment Student Scholarship

Thousands of students drop out of engineering every year. Most dropouts are due to lack of proper counselling or due to financial struggles in the families of the students. AACEG aims to eliminate this by giving alumni members the opportunity to institute a student scholarship for CEGians. There are currently many Scholarships available (click here).

By doing so, thousands of students have been benefitted from the various scholarships offered by AACEG which has covered either their tuition fees, their hostel fees, or both. The scholarship that you set up can provide financial support to students of a community, or aid students whose family income is below a certain level or students with disabilities.

For example, CEG 1956-60 Alumni Endowment Scholarship, CEG 1973 Alumni Endowment Scholarship etc. are some of the scholarships set up by the alumni of CEG that aid B.E./B.Tech. students of all branches to help pay their tuition fees and other expenses that contribute towards their study/stay at CEG, Anna University.

Student Scholarships as per bye-laws can be constituted with Rs. 2,00,000/- donation only.