Er. V. M. Muralidharan

 Er. V. M. Muralidharan

(1983 – ECE)

Er. V. M. Muralidharan is a renowned educationalist and a Veteran in IT industry with over three decades of experience in various critical functional areas such as Education, Management, Operations, Human Resources Management, Support Services Management and Overall Enterprise Management. He has played a key role in leading important educational institutions and corporates which include chairman of the Board of Trustees of the renowned 70-year old Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai. He also carries a corporate role as the Global COO of Bahwan CyberTek Group with over 2000- plus staff, multi-national IT products & services organization. A dynamic, enthusiastic educationalist par excellence who also shoulders corporate responsibility in maintaining his start-up firm’s resolve to lead, as one among the first 50 IT Companies in the world.

The Regents of the Alumni Association of the College of Engineering Guindy as an expression of high esteem, and in recognition of his outstanding service to India and elsewhere in the world, confer upon Er. V. M. Muralidharan the Distinguished Alumnus Award on this 93rd Alumni Day on 18th March 2018.

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