College of Engineering, Guindy – Global Alumni Meet is a summit organized by AACEG. The first CEGAM meet was successfully held on July 03, 2011 in CEG with more than 800 alumni registering for the event, which was inaugurated by distinguished Shri. G Parthasarathy, Diplomat and Cricketer Shrikanth, an alumnus of CEG also participated in the event.

Objectives of CEGAM:

  1. To create a Global platform for all the Alumni of CEG to encourage collaboration and partnership among them and the institution and the society, by establishing and renewing contacts with all the Alumni all over the World.
  2. Create an online platform to network all the Alumni all over the world to share information and create partnership among them.
  3. To engage in meaningful projects which will help students of CEG, the institution, Alumni, the society at large by sharing their knowledge, expertise and resources.
  4. To sustain this movement continuously so that the brand of CEG is well established worldwide.

CEGAM is conceived as a regular event to reconnect and strengthen the ties between alumni, students and the institution. Unlike alumni meet perceived in general, it provides the opportunity to formally give back and connect with the great institution that played an important role in the lives of many.