Become a Mentor

“Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.”

A mentor is a guide who can help one to find the right direction and develop solutions to one’s career issues. Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool.
Both the mentees and mentors gain confidence and leadership skills and this process allows mentors and mentees to make useful networking connections, and have access to role models.

AACEG introduces a new initiative — BECOME A MENTOR, whose aim is to mentor students (mentees), who need guidance and counselling. The alumni (mentors) can mentor the students who need guidance and clarity related to career and further studies. By doing this, the alumni get a sense of satisfaction that a student is getting benefitted because of them.
Also, the students gain confidence and a sense of clearness as to how to take decisions in life. The aim of this initiative is to establish a symbiotic relationship where both, the alumni and the students are benefitted and satisfied.

The main purpose of this initiative is for alumni to provide each student of CEG with an alumni mentor who can help that student realize his or her full potential—beginning as an undergraduate and continuing after graduation.
Like the Buddhist proverb says,

“If you light a lamp for someone, it will also brighten your own path.”

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