Annual Sports Day 2019

In our Bye-Laws” To organize sports, games, rallies and other social activities for its members and their families have been mentioned as one of the activities of the association. We have been contemplating to follow this activity and celebrate a sports day for the alumni and their family members. It is only in 2019, we are able to achieve this. The Sports Committee was formed with Er. Sundaram Parthasarathy of 1976 Batch. The EC was gracious enough to allocate funds for this event.  It has been decided by the Association to conduct the Alumni Sports Day every year. 


Annual Sports Day Invitation : Annual Sports Day Invitation

Annual Sports Day 22-09-2019 from 2 PM onwards

1. Track & Field Events Starting from 2 pm onwards

—> 50 M running race for men
—> 50 M walking race for senior citizens (men)
—> 100 M running race for boys
—> 100 m running race for men
—> 200 M/400 M running race for boys
—> 4×100 M relay for men
—> 50 M running race for girls
—> 50 M walking race for senior citizen (Ladies)

2. Traditional Indian Games for Mens and Boys

—> Gilli Thandu for men
—> Bamparam Competition for men 
—>  Golli Competition for men
—> “Tug of War” for men

3. Traditional Indian Games for Womens

—> Musical Squares for Women
—> 5/7 Stones for Women