Alumni day – 2017

Alumni day is usually conducted during the first or second week of March every year.  The Programme details of the day are given below.

1. Honoring the Prize winning students with the medals and certificates. Special Prizes for NCC Cadets. Several Alumni have created the Endowment funds for recognizing and encouraging the meritorious students with medals and certificates. Total no of medals instituted – 87. The Total No of students who received the medals are updated under the Celebration of Alumni Day 2017. Distribution of Endowment Scholarships to the meritorious students. Several Alumni and Alumni Batches have created the Endowment Scholarship for recognizing and encouraging the meritorious students with scholarships. Total no of Scholarships – 13.  The Total No of students who received the Scholarships are updated under the Celebration of Alumni Day 2017.

2. Sports and Cultural Events for Alumni and Alumni Families.

3. Function for Presentation of Distinguished Alumnus Award. 

Details of Alumni Day Celebrated in 2017 :- 

It is always a pleasure to step into a campus from which you graduated. Such a soulful sojourn back to college days was experienced by the Alumni of CEG who participated in the Ninety Second Alumni Day organised by the Alumni Association College of Engineering, Guindyon March 12, 2017.

The evening ignited with the applauding award ceremony. Introducing the dignitaries on the Dais, Er.Saravan Krishna welcomed the gathering and was an excellent compere. Er. Srinath, Vice President welcomed the gathering with attractive quotes in Tamil. This was followed by the Presidential Address by Er.D.Vasudevan, President AACEG. He highlighted the trinity mantra of the campus, CEG and congratulated the student awardees of the day. The stage was set ready for Award Ceremony for appreciating the students of the Alma mater. Following that, students were honoured with endowment awards who acquired overall academic proficiency in all semesters and also for technical innovative final year projects, The scholarships were given to encourage students to excel at academics. The details are given.

Total no of students who received the medals and certificates  –  129  . Special Prizes were also given to NCC Cadets. For Army – 2 Students and For Navy  – 2 Students. 

Total no of students who received the Scholarships – 39

Special Applause was reserved for the parents of Achiever Awardees who came out with flying colours professionally in the chosen field of their interest and inclusive for best candidates from NSS, NCC, etc. The Awards ceremony concluded with Vote of Thanks by Er.Srikumar, Joint Secretary, AACEG.

The segment of the crowd seated for Ceremony casually moved to the Quadrangle Lawn, for informal sports events with fun filled faces. The alumni were back to their college days by actively participating in fun games like dumb charades. In between the laughter and joyousness, the millet based refreshments boosted their energy. Sport events were also conducted for tiny tots. Prizes were given to the winning participants teams. After the strenuous sports, the cultural events commenced with Saptham’s (the official Classical Dance and Music Club of CEG) Classical Concert. Sudharsan’s flute and Parimala’s veena complimented each other by spreading the devotional aura outside the Auditorium. This was followed by Bharatanatyam Rendition by Vaishali, incorporating Shiva’s glory through Abinaya.Voice of CEG, Keerthana’s flawless flow of cine melody elevated the evening to the sky. This was followed by kinematic Kalayaripattu performance and melodious Carnatic music rendered in Tamil by Mrs. Parvathy Krishnan (wife of K. Venkataraman (1962 Mech)).

Distinguished Alumni Award Function

The most awaited formal event of the day began at 6pm.Er.V.Srinath, Vice President, AACEG warmly welcomed the guest of the day Padmasree Dr.T.Hanuman Chowdary, Er.D.Vasudevan delivered the Presidential Address emphasising the AACEG activities such as endowment lectures for the students, incubation centre, pond construction project andcareer guidance programs. Mementos were given to the dignitaries on the Dais. Dr.P.Hariharan, Treasurer,AACEG, introduced the Chief Guest Padmasree Dr.T.Hanuman Chowdary. In his address, Dr.Chowdary reminisced about his college days at CEG and recollected many inspiring incidents during his long working career. Attracted to communist philosophy from childhood, he recollected his presidential college election and his rise to top position in VSNL He exhorted the students “CEG will sculpt you to be a good engineer, but you should become a good Dr.P.Narayanasamy, Dean, CEG in his address traced the genesis of the AACEG at 1925 and appreciated the contributions of AACEG towards the Alma Mater in supporting academic activities, improving campus facilities job placements.

Dr.S.Ganesan, Registrar, Anna University informed the Alumni that Anna University has been selected as a University with Potential Excellence, this year and UGC sanction of about 75Cr for the betterment of the infrastructure of the campus.

Dr.T.V.Geetha, Director, Centre for Academic Courses, recalled her memories on the renovation of Vivekananda Auditorium. She concludedwith the statement, “Increasing the interaction with alumni, provides immense mentorship for the fellow students” The Chief Guest Dr. T.H. Hanuman Chowdhary presented the citations of Alumni Awards of the year for the meritorious contributions towards development of academics, sports, social pursuit, entrepreneurship and industrial instincts etc. The distinguished awardees of the day were.

Er.K.K. Arun Krishnan – 1971, B.EMech.

Er.S.Durga Prasad – 1982, B.E, Mech.

Er.M.R.Ranganathan – 1966, B.E, Civil

Er.Natarajan Narayanan – 1969, B.E, Electrical

Er.K.V.Sundararaman – 1962, B.E, Mechanical

Er.S.Shanmugasundaram – 1948, B.E, Mechanical.

Dr. Murugesan Ponnavaikko – 1969 B.E. Electrical

The awardees of the day delivered their acceptanceaddress on receiving the prestigious awards. They recalled their evergreen experiences in thecampus and their engagement in various cultural and sports activities.

The pleasant function concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Dr.P.Sakthivel, Secretary, AACEG followed by a moonlight dinner.